About Adrien

Hey Fam,

I’m Adrien, the HMIC (Head Mommy in Charge) at The Mom That Works At Home.com.

I am also a very passionate serial entrepreneur who loves to share and help others fulfill their business aspirations.

Why am I here?

To help new business owners and bloggers grow their subscriber lists by employing business strategies such as  creating Landing Pages that are so engaging visitors can’t help but opt-in for their delicious freebie.

I’m talking about major salivating here as people vie to be apart of your tribe.

For me, getting started was the hardest part.

After I answered questions such as “where do I start”, “what’s my brand and target audience”, my next question was “where are my readers?”

According to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Report, 65% of company’s top marketing challenges were Generating Traffic and Leads and also their top marketing priorities over the next 12 months were Converting Contacts/Leads to customers with a top ranking of 74%.

Point being, to become one of the top bloggers or entrepreneurs your marketing efforts will have to be focused on lead generation and list building.

Optimized Landing Pages are one of the key essentials to successful lead generation and to answering the resounding question of “where are my readers?”

Keeping in mind, the #1 place people are going to find you and learn all about you is on your website’s Landing Page.

Here’s how The Mom That Works At Home can help:

  • Landing Page & Other Strategic Page Creation & Optimization
  • Sales Funnel Tips
  • SEO Optimization Info
  • Pinterest & Other Social Media Image Creation & Optimization
  • Website Creation or Reboot

Maybe you are thinking, hey Adrien I already have a great Landing Page. It’s the very first page you come to on my blog and contains my latest posts, does this suffice?

While your landing page is freaking awesome, it may be missing a few key essentials to take your visitors from casual readers to loyal subscribers.

Mainly you are not asking them to join your tribe and follow you which means your CTA (Call to Action) is not obvious. Yes you have that handy dandy subscribe to my newsletter button there in your side bar, but newsletter opt-ins are so 2010 and no longer work as well.

These days people are looking for a giant Freebie to smack them in the face when they come to your site.

Nothing gets a person to subscribe faster than a free golden nugget.

In honor of you making it this far down on my About Adrien Page, please allow me to gift you with a freebie.

Get it, use it, grow from it!

Ready to work together to create your highly engaging, optimized Landing Page and Lead Generation System to build your lists and grow your blog?

Let’s kill this blogging game, shall we?







Please contact Adrien directly at adrien@specialneedswahm.com or fill out the contact form below.